The Stronger Sex

Are women really the ‘weaker sex’?

Eleanor Roosevelt used to say that a woman is like a tea bag – you don’t know how strong she is until you put her in boiling water. Over the years, women have not always had a chance to fully show their real strength. However, these days, we have come to realize just how big potential lies in them! Today I know there is no such thing as a ‘weak’ sex since each sex is strong in its own unique way!

In my book, I do not show how poor, oppressed and underappreciated we are as women. Instead of propagating the harmful stereotypes, prejudices, and mutual regrets – I present what exactly each gender can do to fully use their respective potentials and grow wonderfully.


Chapter 1. Women—the weaker or
rather the stronger sex?

Chapter 2. The stronger woman

Chapter 3. The stronger partner

Chapter 4. The stronger mother

Chapter 5. The stronger specialist

Chapter 6. The stronger leader

Książka Sylwia Królikowska Słaba Płeć wersja papierowa

Who is this book for?​

This book is for the ambitious women who want to live consciously, reach their fullest potential and, while leading a fulfilled and happy life, give real value to the world. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. All that matters is that you are a woman (or a loving guy who wants to give your partner an unforgettable gift).

My book is just for you.

Do you need any more proof?

This book, written by Sylwia Królikowska, supports all women in everything that they do and stands out in the context of ideological conflicts by referring to studies and personal experience, as well as showing kindness toward people and the world. For men, it may serve as an opportunity to understand the female perspective and help them to avoid making hasty judgments and using hurtful stereotypes, and as a result, it may contribute to building healthy diversity in the business world. Most of all, I am going to recommend it to my adult daughter.
Marcin Balicki Sylwia Królikowska Silna płeć
Marcin Balicki
CEO at Millennium Leasing
I was, I am, or I will be every woman in this book. EVERY ONE OF THEM! I want to thank Sylwia for reminding me first and foremost that I am not perfect and not everything in my life has to have a happy ending. If that were the case, the world wouldn’t have taught me anything. Wise, witty, and concerned about women, Sylwia has organized the knowledge we should wake up with in the morning and go to bed with at night. Let’s stop being our harshest critics, because every one of us has characteristics that we can use to build our strength! “The stronger sex” helps to make us conscious of this.
Beata Tadla Sylwia Królikowska Silna płeć
Beata Tadla
journalist and television presenter
We are indifferent to many problems in our everyday lives and we unconsciously accept them as they are. They are often minor habits, but changing them may have a major, positive effect. This book is full of such tiny and valuable pieces of advice. Although the author speaks to women, I think that men will also find it interesting. And it’s worth reading it multiple times to regularly “practise” and implement the proposed advice.
Dariusz Pietyszuk Sylwia Królikowska Silna płeć
Dariusz Pietyszuk
Chairman of the Board, Mostostal Zabrze S.A.

the weaker

The Stronger Sex


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